Where The Benefits of MTI Membership Are Only Surpassed By The Benefits Of Partnership

Once you become an MTI member, you’ll start to benefit from the vast knowledge database and other resources available to you. You receive instant access to MTI’s comprehensive compilation of research, guidebooks and training resources, which can improve manufacturing efficiency, safety, and technical capabilities. Through MTI membership, companies often gain knowledge that leads to greater efficiency, safety, reliability, sustainability and profitability.

MTI Keeps Getting Better

With over 60 member companies in 16 countries, MTI’s membership and strength is built from its global community. Worldwide membership, with access to regular technical forums in Asia, Europe, and North America, affords you opportunities that you just won’t get from other organizations.

Benefits of MTI Membership


Become an MTI member and your company can start benefiting from:

Research Studies – If you’re looking for valuable, technical information on metals, polymers, ceramics, and other areas of member company interests, you’ll find it at MTI. Through collaborative relationships with leading laboratories like ORNL, DECHEMA, ITRI, and TNO and universities from Akron to Aachen, you’ll get access to research that’s not available anywhere else.

Technical Forums – In addition to face-to-face TAC and committee meetings, MTI’s online forum facilitates collaboration between industry experts that delivers you critical information in real-time, 24/7!

Leveraged Funding – Your company can make the most of its limited research funds and save valuable time solving challenges with MTI’s fast-track projects.

Networking Power – Tapping into some of the greatest minds in the world in their respective niches gives you unique opportunities to connect with and network with the Processing Industries’ best in person and online. This member benefit alone can provide substantial value and make it well worth becoming an MTI member.

Knowledge Bank – Valuable resources through our website, forums, eBooks, projects, reports and much more are immediately made available to you so that you can start helping your company right away.

Education and Training – Learn from and continue your professional development with some of the world’s most knowledgeable industry specialists and experts in the materials engineering in the Processing Industries.

and Reliability Solutions – As a member, you receive instant access to valuable information about static and rotating equipment, instrumentation, piping, heat exchangers, and utilities.

“As a member of MTI you can send critical questions to the most mind boggling problems your plant may have, and in most cases, have an answer that will help you work through your problem. Being a member allows you to know the top experts in the field.

KELLY WYROUGH, Roben Manufacturing

How MTI’s Collaborative Membership Works – Along with access to the many resources available to help your company, come roles, responsibilities, and opportunities to contribute as well. Want to learn more about our collaborative membership? Click here.

How MTI Assesses Membership Dues – MTI membership dues are based upon the total sales of the member company and its affiliates. To learn more about how MTI assesses membership dues, click here.

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